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Culinary competition: Tortilla!

At Versión Original we like to organize culinary competitions with our students. It is a way to taste many delicious dishes, but, above all, to have fun together and learn each other’s culture.

We usually organize tortilla competitions with our students. The students have to make the potato tortilla on their own, from the Versión Original recipe. Everyone receives the original recipe to prepare a real Spanish tortilla (homemade recipe from our beloved Amara): the students’ duties consist in putting into practice the recipe that appears on our blog.

The last contest was organized with our intensive course students. On Friday morning, during the break, all the students presented the tortillas that they had prepared at home the day before. We also prepared pan con tomate (brad with tomato and olive oil) – it would be unforgivable not to eat a tortilla with pan con tomate! Also, we drunk red wine with a porrón (it is necessary to respect the tradition completely!). A porrón is a special bottle to drink wine in a very traditional/funny way (as you can see in the picture below!).

Among all, students and teachers, we tried the tortillas and we voted. Truth is that it looked like our students had made a potato tortilla all their lives. They were amazing. The two best cooked tortillas won prizes, of course. Although the students did not follow the recipe to the letter and they were creative, adding ingredients, the tortillas were very tasteful.


Thank you very much to our dear chefs. Soon the time will come for a new culinary competition ….

Do you dare to cook?

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