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Impressions of Barcelona

Plaza Real. Barcelona

I have always asked myself what is the first impression people get when they visit Barcelona as tourists or travellers. Because, when you live in a city for such a long time and you are already part of Barcelona, the distance between you and her is so minimal that it’s impossible to establish a frontier.

I remember the first time I visited Berlin. The snow in the pavement – which was something very new to a girl from Barcelona who only sees the snow every now and then –  the cold, grey skies, and the wide roads who held a clue on how would be the rest of the streets in the city. I do remember some cities but it is impossible to see Barcelona with new eyes.

Adding to working with different cultures, one of the beautiful things of being a teacher in a Spanish Language school for foreigners is that you have direct access, human access, to some of the answers to your own questions. To the new vision of the city brought in by the newcomers, the students of Version Original.

This is why we have asked our students to describe Barcelona to us so we can share with you the freshness of the first impressions, creating in that moment a bridge between the virginal first image and the excessive knowledge of Barcelona. And maybe, the underlying lies of those feelings, the hopes they harbour, the opportunities and the cultural differences that amaze us.

We will receive the baton of what they have told us and pass it onto you again under the vision of two Barcelona natives.

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  1. Mateusz

    My first impresison was actually very bad. My friend took me from Placa Cataluna directly to El Raval. It was midnight, april. We ate in some small, cheap and dirty bar with a group of teenagers. Food was bad, the surrounding area was dirty and dark. After we took a walk to Las Ramblas and down tothe statue of Columbus. I hate crowds, so it was another thing that hit me. Later on we took a bus and went bck to Mataro, a lovely, small, not-crowded city in the coast. The costrast hit me so much, that I didn’t want to go back to Barcelona next day. But I did. Half year later I moved there to live there for one year. Now I visit it every three months and I consider it as one of the best places to live in Europe:)

    1. ¡Las primeras impresiones, a veces, son engañosas! ¿quién te iba a decir a ti, después de esa primera mala imagen, que Barcelona sería tu ciudad preferida para vivir y que no podrías pasar más de tres meses sin visitarla y…sin visitar Versión Original y salir con tu profesora y tus ex-compañeros/as de clase que continúan viviendo aquí de…tapas, cañas y, por qué no, mojitos!

  2. Anna

    I am happy to share my impression about Barcelona 😉 When I came to BCN I was not just a tourist, I came there directly for one year. At the beginning I found this city very crowded, noisy but shortly I understood that it is the best place to live. When I am recalling my time in Spain I know I’ve spent there the best time of my life. I strongly suggest everybody to start such experience, believe me or not you will not regret! I miss everything… people, atmosphere, culture, narrow streets, bicing, smell of the see, sun and much more… talking about Versión Original, this school gave me the chance not just to learn Spanish in a very pleasant way but as well find new friends, find more about Catalonia and rest of Spain. Whenever I am coming back to my memories from this period, big smile direcly is appearing on my face:)
    Saludos, Anna

    1. Hola Anna,

      ¡muchos saludos desde esta ciudad soleada, ruidosa y llena de gente! ¡Barcelona también te echa de menos! Esperamos verte muy pronto por aquí, en Versión Original, con tu gran sonrisa.
      Un saludo

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