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Conversation class: movies and TV sereis

Every quarter, Versión Original organizes a special cinema session. We go to the movies with the students: we like movies and we love series a lot; we love stories and fiction, because they open a window on new realities.

Before we go to the cinema, we prepare a conversation class, at the school, to go into the subject and learn the cinema related vocabulary; we also focus on the Spanish structures to ask about the plot of a movie and how to evaluate it.

We like to go to the cinema in winter, we usually go to an after work session. We sit in front of the screen; the lights go out and the projection starts  in a dark silence; we love that feeling when you realize that watching a movie on the cinema screen cannot be compared to television (no matter how many inches your television has!). We also love going to the cinema on the weekend, with friends, spending time eating popcorn and then chatting about the movie in front of a beer or a coffee.

At Versión Original we’re also series-lovers. We love to be home and turning on the computer to decide which chapter of which tc show we’re going to watch. That feeling when you take the blanket and you just let yourself be carried away by the fiction is amazing.

We have had several talks about movies and series we are passionate about, like Sense 8; that interest us, like Black Mirror; that moved us, like Verano 1993 by Clara Simón ; that disappointed us, that have seemed too long, like Titanic, that scared us, like It by Andrés Muschietti…

Have you seen any of these movies or series? What do you think of them?

Would you like to join us to the next movie session?

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