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Versión Original outings: Laberinto de Horta

One of the most enjoyable outings of Versión Original is the visit to the Laberinto de Horta. This is one of our “Class in the park” extra activities, with a very special setting: a maze in the middle of a park, in the heart of Barcelona.

Versión Original organizes “Spanish classes in the park” since 1998. Our favourite season is spring but we also do it in summer. In small groups, we spread out through the park; it is a pleasure to do class listening to the birds singing and to the sound of water running down the stream.


In this type of class, we also have our “recreation” moment … Our students, once in the maze, must know how to get to the center and how to leave from there by following a serie of instructions; at the same time, they have to answer some questions about the park. They have fun and learn Spanish in an ideal environment !

At 2:00 p.m., when our class ends, a picnic awaits us! We all enjoy food from different countries. Sometimes, this is also a moment in which we all try the different tortillas made by our teachers…. who cooks better?


The Park of the Laberinto de Horta 

By its name, you can deduce what is most remarkable about this park: the labyrinth. This park is located in the neighborhood of Horta, in the foothills of the Collserola mountain, a wounderful location. Formerly, this park was the garden of the house of a Marquis of the 18th century; in the 70s it became property of the City of Barcelona.

The ideal place to visit during a morning or an afternoon (it is not that big) and it  is perfect for having fun by getting lost in the labyrinth. On several occasions, we went to this park to practice the imperative tense, using directions (go straight, turn right / left, etc.).

The park has several buildings, domes and ponds in neoclassical and romantic style. For fans of photography, it is a perfect place to take photos. There is a wooded part of the park, that makes you feel like you’re into a magical place.

The maintenance of this park is quite expensive, so you have to pay entrance (about 2 €), except on Wednesdays and Sundays in which you have free entrance, but limited access.

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