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How to learn Spanish while playing pictionary!


At Versión Original we usually play games and organize activities, since we believe that it is easier to learn in a fun environment. We laugh many times in a class. One of our favourite activities, we always have fun with,is playing PICTIONARY.

Students have to draw words, situations, sentences with different degrees of grammatical difficulty – always adapted to the language knowledge of each group. With this activity we connect the artistic ability of our students with their linguistic skills. We already know that no one is good at drawing: the different abilities of each one are complemented in the group and we take real works of art! Although we can say that drawings do not always belong to realism…!

It is curious to see, at the time of drawing, the influence of each student’s culture. Normally, students from the same countries understand more quickly each other. Many times, students guess the sentence before the teacher’s perplexity, who cannot identify anything at all in the drawing.

Can you guess the words drawn in these drawings?


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