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Do you know the Raval’s “gato gordo” and its pilgrim history?

The Raval’s gato gordo is a symbol of one of the most peculiar neighborhoods of Barcelona. It is a bronze sculpture of 7 meters that represents a huge tender fat cat, with long mustaches, that both the people of Barcelona and tourists adore. It is a meeting point of the neighborhood. If you live in Barcelona, ​​surely you met with your friends, more than once, in front of the gato gordo … didn’t you?

The cat is the work of the Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero. He arrived to Barcelona in 1987 and got to its present domicile in 2003. Until arriving at its present location, the cat went around many neighborhoods of Barcelona.

At the beginning, he felt very alone and decided to move to the Ciutadella park, next to the zoo. It seems that the amount of tourists that everyday go to the park bothered him, so he decided to move to Montjuic, in search of more peace. But the cold weather of Montjuic made him to decide to move again. He decided to move to a place in the city center, but away from the tourist crowds: he located himself in a small square behind Drassanes.

In 2003, the City Council proposed the cat to bring joy to the Rambla del Raval, which was being remodeled at the time. The cat could not refuse the proposal and since then it is the soul of Raval and one of the most photographed spots in Barcelona. It is not uncommon to see groups of friends or families with children trying to get on the back of the cat to get their next facebook profile picture!

What about you? Have you already taken a picture with the fat cat?

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