English courses

in Barcelona

All four language skills speaking, listening, writing and reading are integrated in our English courses, the same way you encounter them in real life. We adjust classes to each student’s learning evolution. Since everyone studies English because of different reasons or needs, we take into account your particular interests in order to motivate you.

Our English language courses are available for all levels. Our teachers are native speakers with a University degree and many years of experience in teaching English. English we only offer in private courses.

In-company courses

If you are looking for a customized in-company course, please contact us for a price quote.

Private courses

Private lessons

// Prices

1 to 40 lessons per week Duration: variable

contact us for the available timetable Start: any day

If you have little time available and you want to maximize and fully customize your English learning process, this is the right course for you. During the individual lessons, we would normally focus on the general English but if you need to learn English for a certain profession, we can focus on any subject, such as English for business or English in a medical environment. We can be very flexible with the course timetable.

  Private lessons
1-9 lessons 38 €
10+ lessons 33 €

(all prices are per person, per lesson)

One time enrollment fee: 30 €

Books are not included and cost 44 € per book, there is 1 book per level. The school is closed on official holidays. Missed (group) lessons will not be made up for.